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I recently found this Smart Supplement online, and saw where many people were recommended this option as a natural alternative to Adderol so I decided it was worth looking into. This brain supplement is made by Mentis Laboratories. Now that I’ve had some experience with nootropics as some of you Doxiderol has a lot to live up to, and I am pretty thorough in my appreciation of what works and what doesn’t.

DoxiderolProposed Benefits

The Mentis Laboraties, suggest this wors in five different ways. The company says it improves both short and long term memory, increases focus, and adds energy. It also enhances mental focus and improves retention. They also say that unlike prescription drugs, Doxiderol is all natural and doesn’t offer the harsh side effects of medication. But does it really work? Or is it all just hype? I decided to find out what the real deal here really was.

After some careful research I learned that this natural brain booster has some pretty powerful ingredients, but not too many to be unbelievable, or to only contain trace amounts of benefits, and enough that I would think this to be a pretty decent mental focus enhancer, something I really need for all this work I do. OK so let’s get down to the science of this Smart Supplement and see what’s in it:

  • Vitamin B5: Pantothenic acid which synthesizes the coenzyme A. Basically, it’s a key component of acetylcholine, an important neurotransmitter, that is responsible for short-term memory and for synaptic plasticity (the part that lets you learn fast).
  • Vitamin B12: A great energizer and required for cellular metabolism in all cells, including those in the brain. B12 also creates folic acid, which put simply, prevents tired blood.
  • Theanine: this amino acid crosses the blood brain barrier and is naturally found in some foods like green tea. This reduces mental and physical stress and improves cognitive abilities. It works as a mood booster.
  • Caffeine: anyone who has had those late study nights knows the power of caffeine. This is a stimulant for the central nervous system and increases alertness.

Finally I decided to ordered a bottle and waited about 10 days for my Doxiderol bottle to arrive. It was your average, everyday supplement bottle, but it was labeled correctly and it did come with dosage recommendations.


The company suggests taking 2 pills 30 minutes before a mind intensive activity. In my opinion this isn’t a quick fix supplement. It takes a while but even at the start I felt wide awake within the hour. It may not work in a matter of minutes but it doesn’t take a month either. So I figured this was a supplement I could take when I needed that mental boost. I didn’t take it everyday but just before a presentation, workshop or event where I needed to be wide awake. Doxiderol does allow you to concentrate, and I even had to set a timer to remind myself to take a break.

I don’t think this has a placebo effect and it is more effective than coffee. It helped me focus, concentrate and sit down to get things done. After taking it for several weeks I feel energized and able to complete my tasks well.  Still this is just my personal experience and not based on any scientific study.

Side Effects

Doxiderol can give you side effects. For instance, if you take it too close to bedtime you may not be able to get to sleep. You might also experience some dry mouth so you’ll want to carry a bott. le of water with you. I probably wouldn’t recommend drinking coffee while on this mental awakener, it might make you a little too jittery.

What Others Say

The reviews are a little mixed, but mostly positive. And as I understand it there are a lot of ADD adults who take this supplement daily and feel great improvement. Some people even say that Doxiderol also helps them with weight loss, so there seems to be double benefits to its use.


I’ve certainly seen higher priced nootropics, so at about $35 per 30 day supply, I see this as a fair price. Doxiderol also offers a fair 90 day guarantee providing you return the unused portion of the product by mail.

The Pro’s of Doxiderol in My Personal Opinion

  • This supplement starts working quickly
  • It has short term but also long term benefits
  • It is not expensive compared to other similar nootropics
  • Side effects are not too bad
  • It makes you feel energized
  • It doesn’t require a prescription

Con’s of Doxiderol

  • I don’t know if this ships worldwide
  • It’s not available in a store

My Final Thoughts

I think Mentis has done a nice job in making a good nootropic blend here that is based on strong scientific research. The ingredients used have had reputable clinical trials. It worked for me almost immediately, and I didn’t have to wait 15 to 20 days for the effects to kick in.

I do believe Doxiderol helped me concentrate and focus more efficiently, especially in the afternoon hours. It was a good wake me up but also seemed to increase my attention span. While this nootropic probably doesn’t make you smarter it does help you focus mentally and gives you that extra attention boost for those moments you need extra concentration power.