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I always have my eyes open for ways to improve my memory and focus skills. FOCUS FACTOR, a supplement touted to support brain function, caught my attention.  Factor Nutrition Labs, LLC, claims their product is a number one brain formula and lists a wide range of ingredients of minerals, vitamins, herbal extracts and Omega 3 oils.  They state this combination of natural ingredients work together to enhance overall brain functions of thinking, mental clarity and memory, however, the claim is not validated by any conclusive data.  The manufacturer states they have patents pending on their ingredient combination.  I did like that the product contains no yeast, milk, egg, gluten, starch or wheat and is an all-natural product.

FocusFactor Mental Clarity Stats

Here I like the fact that there is some research on the product. Apparently, researchers from CRC (Cognitive Research Corporation) conducted a clinical trial on 96 adults over a six week period.  The findings were encouraging.  Subjects were found to perform significantly better on memory tasks from a score of 4.5 when first tested before the trial, to a score of 6.5 after the six week trial. However, I am still unsure as to who requested the research. I imagine the tests were conducted by the FocusFactorcompany.

What I Think of Focus Factor

The supplement was reasonably priced for a bottle of 150 tablets.  When my order arrived, I quickly took my 2 tablets wondering how long it would take to feel the effects.  Two tablets didn’t seem enough, so I increased the dosage and ended up taking 4 tablets per day for 4 weeks.

Slight Discomfort

During this period, I noticed I had some gastric issues; mild but uncomfortable at times.  I have a sensitive system and thought maybe it was just too much for me.  At first, I did not notice any overwhelming changes, but towards the end of the four weeks, I did notice that I started remembering where my car keys were, and I no longer entered a room to wonder what I had gone in there for. So I guess this product does have a prolonged effect. After that first month I did notice a bit more mental clarity and I could certainly sit down for a few hours to complete a project.

What Others Say

Reviews are mixed here. I notice that some people fall in love with this product, and believe it to work well. Others  claim that the product worked for them to a certain degree.  Others stated the results were very delayed and did not meet their expectations.  There were also claims of some side effects, the most common being the stomach and gas issues.

My Findings

I think the more than 40 ingredients in FOCUS FACTOR make it into a relatively good supplement. However, I don’t think the amount of ingredients in each pill are enough to do much good for immediate mental alertness, for me there are other supplements that work better. I think this might be something akin to a good multi-vitamin for the brain. It does contain some of the supplements used to specifically enhance brain function but I’m unsure if the formula has enough of these ingredients to make a real difference.  This formula might treat surface issues like mild memory loss and lack of focus over a long period of time.  And for me, well FocusFactor may cost a little too much for the small benefits it offers. At a cost of about $20 per bottle of 150 tablets, I can’t say it’s very expensive, but probably so for the amount of benefits it gives you. Personally, I think it makes a better multi-vitamin than specifically used for brain and cognitive enhancing properties.  It has low levels of nootropic ingredients and most of them will pass through your body before they even reach the brain.

The fact that FOCUS FACTOR lists over 40 ingredients, many of these found in a multi-vitamin, makes me hesitate to buy another bottle.  I can get multi-vitamins at a cheaper price.  Yes, they claim their supplement contains patent pending ingredients that will support memory, focus and concentration, but the quantity and quality of these ingredients leaves something to be desired.

This product does contain natural Beta-carotene and Vitamin E derived from soybean which is better than some cheaper synthetic versions.  It does have many propietaryneuro boosters that have been shown to help support memory, but I would have to take a lot of these to make my brain function better, and the stomach problems the supplement causes probably wouldn’t allow me to take much more than four a day.


  • It’s not expensive
  • Has lots of great natural ingredients


  • Not enough ingredients to make a difference
  • Takes too long to take effect
  • Expensive for the benefits you get


In this case, I think there are other more effective nootropics that work effectively on mental focus issues than FOCUS FACTOR.  This makes me wonder how many of these would actually make it to your brain.

I think in this case you might be better off with just a  healthy diet that includes lots of fresh fruits, vegetables and quality proteins. For cognitive supplements, I would prefer to go with another type of nootropic that can give me a more immediate boost of concentration power.