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OK guys, here is a good one. Procera AVH claims to be the American #1 memory supplement, giving the brain nutrients and bringing back those memories of 10 to 15 years ago. That it offers improved mental clarity and concentration. Plus it gives you a mood boost. That’s a pretty impressive claim in my book. So I’ve decided to review Procera AVH.  It seems like this is a well likednootropic supplement, and the reviews I’ve come across all tout its benefits but I don’t really see any in depth reviews that go over any of the negative aspects. So I ordered the product and this is what I find.

Procera is a natural supplement that boosts brain functioning, but it does seem to be packaged to look like a prescription drug. Procera AVH is made by Brain Research Labs, located in Tennessee.

The main ingredient is listed as being Acetyl L-Carnine which is know to improve circulation to the brain and increase mental clarity and focus. This is a compound that transforms to Acetyl-COA and binds with the brains natural choline to create acetylcholine, which in turn is responsible for brain neuron growth.

What is Procera AVH?

It is a patent pending natural supplement that contains few ingredients that have been proven to improve mental focus, memory and mood. Apparently, you only need a once a day dose, or can take it when you need increased mental focus.

Ok so I bought the pills and waited for them to arrive. I started taking my daily dose and this is what happened. I did feel better, less lethargic and that mental fog that comes in after studying for a few hours started to lift. But does this really protect your brain from stress and toxins as the manufacturer’s website suggests. Well, that’s hard to say.

The Ingredients

Procera does offer a few scientific research studies and suggests that its ingredients are supported by 20 years of clinical studies. And while AVH does content a blend of ingredients that are proven to be beneficial for the brain’s functioning, it is still a little hard to determine whether there is enough of these ingredients in the pills to make a difference.

These ingredients include:

  • Acetyl L-Carnitine; an ingredient proven to improve older memory.
  • Huperzine A; an ingredient we’ve seen before and know to help slow the aging of the brain’s performance
  • Vinpocetine; an ingredient from the periwinkle plant and used to treat memory issues and improve cognitive functioning.

Does It Work for Everyone?

As with any supplement, I always check the label carefully.  In this case the supplement is ok to take for adults, however pregnant or breastfeeding women, people with heart conditions or high blood pressure should check with their doctor before taking Procera AHV.

My Experience

Because of work and the time I spend in front of the computer I felt like I was losing my mental focus. I was under a lot of stress and this can make my mind feel fatigued. I started taking Procera three times a day with my meals. At first I didn’t notice any significant difference, but that is about the norm with most natural supplements. But after about 20 days I started to see a notable difference. How did I test it. I’ve learned that I need to do intensive brain focus tasks to notice the difference with these products so I start daily crossword puzzles and Sudoku, as well as random multiplication games. I also use a random alarm to see how much it can interrupt me and throw me off course. It was in week 2 and 3 that I noticed significant differences. By week 5 I was feeling great, and even had better mental and visual focus.

What Do Other People Say about Procera?

There are more than a few reviews on the web and personal testimonies as well. Of those I say there seem to be a lot of positive reviews here and very few negatives about Procera.

Procera Pro’s

  • The ingredients are clinically proven to help in brain functioning and in mental focus particularly.
  • The company does offer a 90 day money back guarantee
  • Clinical studies have been conducted on Procera and they prove effective.


  • Brain Research Labs, makers of Procera settled a class action suit filed against them with claims of false advertising.
  • There are some negative review from customers who don’t like the product.
  • The clinical study was commissioned by the company and small in scale.
  • It may have a side effect that increases blood pressure.


Procera is priced within the range of most other nootropics of this kind. At about $40 per month’s supply, I wouldn’t consider it expensive. There are other brain boosters out there that are considerably higher priced.

My Final Thoughts

This is a product that has some mixed reviews as with all products of this nature. But I really like to base my review on my own personal use. At first, I didn’t see much of a difference, however, continued use, allowed me to notice a significant difference in my math and problem solving skills as well as in my recollection of memories. I could easily deal with interruptions and felt sharper, clearer and more energized in my work. This is a product that I suggest anyone should try. The company does offer a 90 day money-back guarantee and customer service is available to answer your questions or help you with any concerns.